Helpful Info

Some general info for those seriously considering the trip!

How much will it cost??

Generally, your money goes a lot further in South Africa than other places. That doesn’t mean it will be ‘cheap’ but after the flight, we have found that a holiday in South Africa is quite affordable for the value of what you are doing. Of course last time we were there the British pound and US dollar were much, much stronger. In our opinion it is comparable to paying for a holiday in Thailand or Indonesia.. or Mexico if that helps.

Unfortunately we can’t really answer ‘how much will it cost’.  But we have been there twice together and traveled on a budget and done a lot so please ask us if you’re thinking about planning a trip! It mostly comes down to being smart about what you do yourself and what you pay for someone else to do (ie. self catering / driving yourself or getting a tour, paying for high end accommodation etc.) and planning/ booking ahead. We can give you tips and ways to save if you let us know what you want to do and see. For ideas, we’ve posted a lot of info about what we’ve done in South Africa ourselves on holiday.

Currency Converter

South African Rand (R)

Last updated on Tuesday, 10 May 2011
One Rand equals X currency One currency equals X Rand
0.148456 US Dollar (USD) United States 6.74 ZA Rands
0.0905925 Pound sterling (GBP) United Kingdom 11.04 ZA Rands
0.103541 Euro (EUR) European Union 9.66 ZA Rands
0.137891 Australian dollar (AUD) Australia 7.25 ZA Rands
0.143162 Canadian dollar (CAD) Canada 6.99 ZA Rands
0.186953 New Zealand dollar (NZD) New Zealand 5.35 ZA Rands
0.930094 Swedish krona (SEK) Sweden 1.08 ZA Rands


Most places ask for payment to be paid upfront, in full, in advance. We’ve found this is nice for budgeting purposes as it means you have paid for most big ticket items before you even arrive!

It is very common for hotels and game reserves to only accept credit/ debit cards and most do not keep cash on the premises

Time Zone

use this website: worldclock

Durban is 7 hours ahead of eastern standard time.

Cape Town is one hour behind Durban and Johannesburg.

South Africa is basically on par with Europe, just two hours ahead.


End of March / April, South AFrica is heading into autumn and it’s the last weeks of summer. Summer’s usually bring rain, so there might be some rain. It won’t be blazing hot and humid except for on random days. Mostly the weather will be temperate and mild as the heat lessens and the winds settle – nothing too hot or extreme.


You don’t need one unless you are staying more than 90 days! They will put a sticker in your passport when you arrive at the airport

Immunizations… no shots needed!

Check with your travel agent to be certain but we have never been required to get shots, it’s a common question though! Though, Graham will be happy to tell you how many shots he had to get to enter America!

Malaria is really not an issue…

Once you decide where you are going in South Africa, then check out if it’s a Malaria affected area. Durban, for the wedding, is not affected.

Malaria tablets are known for making you sick and can often make traveling miserable.You have to start taking them a few weeks before you travel too.


English is spoken everywhere you go. All road signs and official forms are in English and at any hotel, Bed and Breakfast or Guest House, the staff will speak to you in English. There are 11 official languages…


2 Responses to “Helpful Info”

  1. Kathie December 27, 2011 at 8:29 PM #

    ON Dec. 27, 2011 I converted the currency and $1. = 8.14 African rands . It is what it is , but I don’t understand if that is better or worse for the American dollar.

    • sarahandgraham December 27, 2011 at 10:55 PM #

      Very good!! 8 is great! Sometimes it hovers around 6!

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