Accommodation gets booked out far in advance in South Africa. Don’t worry if you are just seeing this though, you’ll be fine. And we are experts at finding options, so just email us.

Accommodation for the wedding…

  • There is accommodation at the wedding venue! We will be staying there the night of the wedding. We do not have a block booking, so please make arrangements through the website and staff. See wedding venue page.
  • Accommodation at the venue is called Ascot Conference Center and Bush Lodge (Not to be confused with ‘Ascot Inn’ – the Ascot ‘Inn’ is owned by the ex-wife of the owner and this is about 1 mile away from the wedding accommodation and apparently not as nice) Ask us if confused, we’re also confused.
  • The wedding venue is probably between 45 minutes and 1 hour 15 minutes to Durban and surrounding areas…
  • If you live in Durban, it is easy enough to get home the same night of the wedding if you choose to forego the bar!! (frowned upon!!:)
  • Public transportation is practically non-existant in SA, especially Durban / Pietermaritzburg where the wedding is, so we suggest booking at the Ascot Bush Lodge or if you prefer then a B&B in a central area that is easy to drive to or get hooked up on a tour that picks you up at your hotel (if not hiring a car). (See ‘Getting Around in SA’ page for more tips)
  • Margaret and John MacDonald live in Pinetown in Durban
  • Sarah and Graham will be staying with family at Ballito beach (Northern Durban beach) the week before the wedding
  • We will be hosting a welcome braai Thursday before the wedding in Durban. So we suggest you come to Durban by Friday, March 30, 2012

Here are towns / suburbs worth looking into for accommodation in and around Durban…use the ‘SA venues’ website below or just type accommodation + suburb into google and read the reviews. We are happy to help and the MacDonalds have even offered to check places out!

  • Hillcrest… (45 minutes to wedding, 15 minutes to Durban)
  • Pinetown… (45 minutes to wedding, Pinetown is where the MacDonalds live)
  • Pietermaritzburg… (where the wedding is, 45 minutes to Durban)
  • Umhlanga… (1 hour and ten minutes to Pietermaritzburg and 45 minutes to Durban)
  • Umdloti… (1 hour and ten minutes to Pietermaritzburg and 45 minutes to Durban)
  • Ballito… (1 hour and a half to Pietermaritzburg and 45 minutes to 1 hour to Durban)
  • Valley of 1,000 hills…
  • Durban city/ Durban beach – you probably do not want to stay on the beach front in Durban city… it is not as nice as some of the surrounding suburbs with beaches and views too!

For accommodation for the rest of your trip in South Africa, we suggest using these helpful sites. See ‘Suggested Itineraries’ and ‘Things to Do’ page for some trips Graham and I and his family have done before.

South Africa National Parks – stilted safari tents to luxury guest houses

Accommodation Notes… 

  • Options range from backpacker to budget to middle all the way up to luxury – and most cities, national parks, game reserves etc. have all available in one place
  • B&Bs are more popular than hotels. For the soccer World Cup 2010, many families turned their homes into guest houses or B&Bs – we highly recommend looking into these options.. even over hotels. Most are reviewed on Graham and I had a great experience in Cape Town renting a ‘granny flat’ for a week in Hout Bay. Very affordable and secure.
  • ‘Self catering’ means there is a kitchen/ kitchenette and dishes available..
  • ‘Safari tent’ is basically a log cabin with beds and bathroom with shower etc. but the roof is made out of a tent…
  • ‘ablution blocks’ mean you share bathrooms with other campers in a big building
  • There aren’t many hostels or places just for budget travelers – backpackers usually stay in the lower budget options such as safari tents and granny flats

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