2 months to go!

20 Jan

Graham and I will be in South Africa in 2 months! So exciting, We cannot stand it anymore! Can’t wait to see our SA family and do this thang!

Thanks for your RSVPs, we enjoyed getting the ones that say “In Spirit!” just as much as “In Body!”

A bunch of people have asked if we can set up skype on the wedding day. We’re working on it. Graham and I both were blessed with super techy brothers. We just might have to fight the poor internet connection in South Africa.

Count down continues…

S & G x


We’re going to the chapel (Acacia tree) and we’re gonna get married!!!

15 Dec


Invitations are signed, sealed and about to be delivered! hoorah!

And we’d like to know if you will be joining us…


Dinner and dancing to follow at Ascot Bush Lodge.

Accommodation can be booked directly at Ascot, contact details on this site.

Much love, and thanks a bunch!

– S & G

(In case you were wondering, G wrote the poem, no joke)




Count down begins!

1 Dec

Wow, what a year. Graham just completed his American visa interview at the Sydney embassy this time last year! Time flies!!

We have about four months to go before our wedding in South Africa. 3.5 months actually… whoa!

Graham and I arrive in Durban on March 17th, his 30th birthday and St. Patty’s day! We haven’t seen our South Africa family in over THREE YEARS! And we get to show my side of the family South Africa first hand, cannot begin to contain my excitement! We are just dying for this day to come!

Everything is coming along nicely. Check your mailboxes soon folks! There is an invitation coming your way!

S & G xx

Hi family and friends.

31 Mar

After much talk with our families, we are so happy to share that we will be married under an Acacia tree in the African sun on March 31, 2012!

Our parents – Kit Kucera (Charleston, South Carolina), Bob Kucera (Durham, North Carolina) and John & Margaret MacDonald (Durban) – will meet for the first time at our wedding in Graham’s hometown of Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

Sarah’s brother, Joshua (Charleston, SC), and Graham’s brother, Keith and his wife Angela and son Evan (Durban), will also join us for our wedding.

Getting to know each other’s family, meeting old friends and making new friends has been nothing short of amazing the past five years. Living so far away from both our families has made our friends our family a lot of the time and now we are lucky enough to be living near one half of our families in Charleston, South Carolina.

From first hand, we totally understand that it will be near impossible for the majority of our family and friends overseas to come to South Africa for the wedding, but we can’t imagine not giving you the option of being included in our day!  If that’s the case for you, there’s absolutely no need to explain.

The wedding will entail one or two days in Durban, KZN (March 30th – evening get together and March 31st – wedding day) and we have put together some bits and pieces about SA on here to help you make up your mind, and plan any activities or trips that you like.

Think about it and please do tell us when you think you realistically know so we can make plans for the wedding too.

Feel free to email us as much as you like with any questions, we’d love to help! (sarahekucera@gmail.com and gjmacdee@gmail.com) And Margaret has kindly put her hand up too to help with any local planning which is so awesome/

Hope to see you in South Africa or Charleston, SC soon – our doors are always open!

Thanks for your support, we are so excited to be making it official!!

Much love,

Sarah and Graham xxx

PS – the time of year (March/ April) is the end of summer going into autumn, but feels like spring time in South Africa – not the peak of high season, but not off-peak either. The date of the wedding (March 31st) is one week before Easter 2012, hopefully allowing some time off

PPS – Some have asked if will we do something in America? … we’ll try to come up with something and let you know – we’d love to. just not sure what or when or where!

Hluhluwe / Imflozi Game Reserves/ ‘Safari’

15 Dec

Hluhluwe Game Reserve


Imflozi  Game Reserve


Hluhluwe and Imflozi are pretty much interchangable as the two game reserves are located right on top of each other.

We’ll come back and give some more info… bear with us! 😉 (May 19)

Phinda Game Reserve, KZN

13 Sep

Phinda is a private game reserve and pretty amazing. Also very expensive but very worth it considering.

3-4 private game drives a day including a night drive. Game drives, accommodation and food (amazing meals) are included. Pool and areas to relax.

It’s good to go on a guided tour if you aren’t familiar with game reserves and the animals, how to spot them etc. But you can save about 75% of your money if you just drive yourself at a national park, not a private game reserve. We have had awesome luck doing it this way!!  (Hluluhwe/ Umflozi in KwaZulu Natal and Addo Elephant Park on the Garden Route) But we wanted to show you that there are luxury / upmarket options with a guided ranger if you choose…

If you are interested in Phinda let us know because we might be able to secure ‘local SA resident rates’ for you. Totally frowned upon so we’d have to do some wheeling and dealing but definitely worth a shot!

St. Lucia & Cape Vidal, KZN

1 Sep

Camping at Cape Vidal



We drove about 3.5 hours from Durban to St. Lucia Wetland Park and World Heritage site.

Stayed about 2-3 days.

We saw the hippos on a one hour river cruise.

Went camping with a basic tent and very minimal supplies!

Monkeys raided our car rental and played at our camp site 🙂

we had a ball snorkelling and laying out at the beach!